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Part 3. The Creation of the Reshimot

The Acceleration of the Reshimot

Man was created in such a way that wherever he goes, he looks for pleasures and takes every chance he can to satisfy his wish. Where do these desires come from, and how does he know how to satisfy them?..

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Return to the Root

The soul must go through a certain process of development in the body. It takes more than one lifetime to complete it, and clothing in many bodies and over many cycles. It is a clear process that man goes through in his life, and yet he can go his entire life without feeling he has a soul, without feeling the spiritual part of him, thus not realizing the purpose of his life in this world...

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The Point in the Heart

All the souls are parts of a single collective soul, but each of them develops at its own pace. That is why there are souls that demand spiritual development right now, and then there are souls, which do not. Most souls are still developing within the framework of our world...

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