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The Social Implications of Kabbalah

Adults from secular families, who begin to study Kabbalah, do not need to be afraid or embarrassed about the study of the Kabbalah, and neither should their families because they are only studying the structure of the world, the system of creation. For the time being, it is merely a theoretical practice, but in due time, they will be able to actively change the world for their own good.

There cannot be any differences of opinions in this matter between them and their relatives. The relatives needn’t do anything, and no one forces them to adhere to any kind of tradition. The study of the wisdom of Kabbalah will render those who practice it a deeper understanding of the world around them, and will enable them to choose their mode of behavior, the right type of education, and take the right steps in life.

The study of the Kabbalah does not discuss any routine practice of any kind of actions, nor is it its purpose to draw one to religion against one’s will. The Kabbalah is about a deeper understanding of the nature of creation and the meaning of life.

No pressure should be put on the near surrounding, but there should be a golden path between your behavior and that of the family. This road should be comprised of mutual concessions so that your family will respect what you do.

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