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The Hidden Forces of the Land

From a single atom, to a complete human being, from a single state to the whole of mankind, from a single molecule to the whole universe – every detail in our world, its properties, its program of survival and the mechanism of control that manipulates it, all those stem from a higher world, the spiritual world. Everything begins there, and only then materializes in our world.

There are people among us who can see the connection between our world and its upper roots clearly. They are able to see the reasons and the origins to everything that happens in our lives. But in fact, a person can clearly see what happens to him and why, as well as what is going to happen in the future. It is called “spiritual attainment.” It allows man to choose his way in life correctly, and understand what he must do every step of the way. The upper force wants man to become aware of the active force of creation. But for that to happen, man must first feel the upper world and study its structure. Only then will he be able to take the reins from the hands of the Creator. Only then will he actually attain what he thought he had already attained: the possibility to control his world.

Those who attain the upper world receive knowledge and spiritual forces, and are therefore called Kabbalists (from the Hebrew word Kabbalah – reception).

Our world matches the upper world in every detail. In the upper spiritual world there is a collective soul, named “the people of Israel,” and there is also a collective soul that is not Israel, called “the nations of the world.” The nations of the world are allotted a place called Hutz la Aretz (abroad, outside Israel).

The soul of the people of Israel can exist in the upper world only in a place called the Land of Israel. As soon as it leaves it, it immediately falls into the hands of the evil forces – the impure forces called Klipot (shells). That state is called the exile from the land of Israel. The difference between the spiritual land of Israel and the spiritual abroad (Hutz la Aretz) is that the upper force, the perfect and eternal pleasure can only be felt in the spiritual place called the Land of Israel. That is why all souls naturally aspire to attain that spiritual state. Being in it guarantees immortality and perfection of knowledge and power. The sensation of equality with the Creator in the degree of the Land of Israel is called Gan Eden (Garden of Eden). This explains the historic unconscious desire of the whole of mankind to come to a certain place on the planet called the Land of Israel.

All the souls in the upper world – Jews and Gentiles alike – aspire to come to the Land of Israel, because only in the Land of Israel do they attain their final complete and perfect state called “the End of Correction. But the souls cannot attain this situation, unless people in this world attain it, with the help of the upper force. That upper force is called “Messiah.” His task is to ‘pull’ man out of this world. With it, man can climb above the entire creation and attain the perfection and eternity called the Garden of Eden. The people of Israel must be the first to enter the Garden of Eden. It must attain that situation here in our world. Only after, can the rest of the nations follow.

But the Creator forces our people - that has suffered so much and hasn’t come to choose this path – to take the ‘path of Israel’ the path of Kabbalah, through torments. He sent us the holocaust, then brought us back to this land as an advance. But we still haven’t paid for it; we have not yet understood what the land of Israel really is about. Moreover, most of us still think about leaving this country. We don’t like what we have or what we see inside us.

The most important thing, which has no forgiveness, is the fact that we disrespect the gift that the Creator gave us, in bringing us to the land of Israel. We do not want to receive it. Refusing to accept it or handing it over to others will inflict upon us horrendous torments because that would deny us of the care of the upper root where our defense comes.

We fail to understand that all our victories were attained because of our existence here, because we are on our own land. Armies do not save governments. It is easy to see how buildings, fleets and armies are easily ruined. The people of Israel can exist only in the land of Israel, because that is its spiritual root. Therefore, it is our duty to understand that this is not a political issue, but this is how the world is built, it is the structure of the spiritual worlds.

We are here in this land because of our spiritual mission and our obligation to the rest of the world. The other nations subconsciously await this declaration. The minute we come forth with it, earnestly and with total commitment, they will accept it, but only if this statement comes from our inner strength.

This is how we’ve won our past wars. We knew there wasn’t any other way and that this was our right. But the minute we gave up our right, it brought with it the loss of lives and harsher suffering. We cannot be saved by promises from others and corporeal calculations, only by faith in the leadership of the upper force, called “faith above reason.” Only if we whole-heartedly accept the fact that the land of Israel belongs to us, that alone will be enough to drive our enemies away.

Moreover, the minute we come to this decision, they will all leave the land of Israel. We must understand, that it is not the Arabs that are pushing us, but the Creator, the good force, the upper force itself is pushing us toward a dead-end, so that we understand that only by turning to him we will be saved and allowed to reach the purpose of our existence.

As long as we do not accept the gift of the Creator and treat it as something worthless, we will not raise the banner of our spiritual vocation and will not take upon ourselves what we have been assigned from above, and our pain will continue. We will not escape the troubles and will not be able to redeem ourselves from them. There is no way that we can appease our enemies, because they are all at the hands of the Creator, and all their actions are aimed to drive us to the purpose of creation.

There is only one law in the spiritual world, the law of “equivalence of form.” It states that a spiritual degree can be attained only if we first attain its attributes. For example: if a person who lives in our world just like any other man, acquires the attributes of the world of Beria, he immediately becomes a resident of that world. He feels himself in it. In his physical body he is in our world, but at the same time he is in contact with all the souls in the world of Beria.

As an outcome of that law, each object, in this world or in the spiritual, is called after the name of the place it is in. For example: the spiritual people of Israel should be in the spiritual Land of Israel. The corporeal people of Israel live in the corporeal land of Israel. Thus, by matching ourselves to the corporeal and spiritual lands of Israel, we will attain the complete spiritual redemption. As soon as we perform this correction and equalize our attributes to the degree of the spiritual land of Israel, the collective salvation will come instantly. That is what humanity is subconsciously waiting for, and that is where it is pushing us, because we are the first in the process of correction, the first who must match our spiritual roots.

The other nations must also come to that perfect state, because it was planned by the Creator, and all of us, whether we like it or not, are approaching the purpose of creation with every passing minute. But man, unlike all creations, was given the opportunity to speed up the process and turn it from an agonizing one, to a path of joy and pleasures this very day – through the method of Kabbalah.

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