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The Role of a Contemporary Kabbalist

Question: How did you come to Kabbalah?

Answer: My profession is medical cybernetics. I worked in human research, the research of human capabilities. My profession is seemingly about reconstructing artificial parts of the human brain or human behavior, and that pushed me further. At first I had the urge to discover what I was living for, and that drive intensified as I was practicing my profession. In those days I believed that science could provide me with the answers, until I discovered that science too was very limited and could not answer my questions. When I came to Israel, I turned to all sorts of places, which also failed to answer my questions. Religion was one of them, and none of them would relate to me, until I realized that there was such a thing as Kabbalah.

Question: How do you see your role?

Answer: As a contemporary Kabbalist, my role is to present Kabbalah in the most suitable way for anyone who whishes to grow spiritually, so that anyone can understand its importance, that it is the meaning of our lives and that it is our fate, our future and indeed eternity. It all depends on how much we learn to monitor our lives, and the system is what teaches us that. Who would not want to build his future scientifically and safely?

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