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The History of Kabbalah

The history of Kabbalah corresponds to the history of mankind. It begins at the same time man appeared on the face of the earth, who (as tradition has it) was the first man. Kabbalists take an interest in him because the history of Kabbalah starts with him, not only that of the human species. He was also the author of the first Kabbalah book: “The Angel Raziel” (HaMalaach Raziel).

A person who lives in this world feels the nature of the world around him, as well as (if he’s able) the nature of the world around him. Indeed there are people who feel both worlds simultaneously. They are called Kabbalists.

The first man sensed those two worlds, and described them in his book. That book is now available in stores, it contains interesting drawings with explanations and diagrams that the first man wrote by himself.

When one opens the book, it is evident that the author is not an uncivilized, uneducated mammoth hunter. He was an individual who was a Kabbalist of a very high degree. He discovered the fundamental secrets of creation. He studied the upper world, everything above our world, where our soul roams prior to its descent to ours, before we are born, and where it returns after one ends one’s life on earth.

The first man, who was also the first soul that came down to our world, tells us about the evolution and descent of the rest of the souls. He does not tell us about the bodies that would be born in our world, but about those souls that come out of his own, the souls of his children, grand and great grand children. He tells us about the entire humanity that would stem from him, what will happen to it, and when it will rise once more to the root from which it came.

He tells us how these souls will regroup into one soul, in a much higher degree than our own, and build what we call “Man,” of which we are but fragments. That is what he tells us in his first book of Kabbalah “The Angel Raziel.” The word Raziel comes from the Hebrew word Raz – the angel of secrets who reveals the secrets of creation.

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