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Kabbalah is a Science

The wisdom of Kabbalah examines the whole system of creation as one object. At the moment, we can only perceive a small part of it, which we call “our world”, or “this world”. As with all exact sciences, Kabbalah entails experimentations, documentation of results, repeating experimentsand the collection and sorting of data. That is why the wisdom of Kabbalah is also called the “science of Kabbalah” – a science, not a religion.

The wisdom of Kabbalah examines not only the phenomena of matter, but also those of the spirit in the matter. Within that study, we learn how the upper spiritual forces, are extended from above down to our world, where they split into various phenomena we call physical, chemical, biological and mental phenomena.

There is, in fact, only one inclusive law that everyone studies, which bears various manifestations: in mechanics, in biology, astronomy, music and so on. Thus, the division to fields is symbolic and superficial. It exists because we were made in such a way that we cannot examine those phenomena as a whole, and by studying them separately, we create different fields. But the truth of the matter is, that everything is tied together, because the object examined is common to all, and we divide it only so as to make studying easier.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is not about studying this world. All other sciences are but particulars that make it up. With regards to Kabbalah – music, biology and medicine are but external phenomena that stem from that single inner law of nature.

The soul is receptive only to emotions. In our world, we cannot accurately, geometrically describe our feelings. Sounds, flavors, fears and pleasure cannot be accurately documented.

Kabbalah gives us a chance to accurately, mathematically express the attainment of the upper world: the feelings, the sensations and the experiences of each and every one of us, according to our situation, according to the factors that affect us. Those inner situations are called “the situations of the soul”.

When one changes one’s situation, one can return to the previous situation of one’s soul. Meaning there is a way to accurately manipulate, in a scientific manner – through certain formula, in personal situations – to move from one situation to another. It also happens when we read books of Kabbalah. If the reader has a “screen”, he can consciously travel through spiritual worlds, depending on what the author wrote.

Take, for example, a Kabbalistic prayer book, written by the RASHASH (Rabbi Shalom Shabazi). It very simply states: take light from one spiritual degree and extend it to another. Rise to the new degree and take the light in it from one place to the another. From that we learn that a Kabbalistic prayer book is really a manual explaining how to affect the upper world, so that ultimately I will be able to affect my own future. What does it mean when a person prays? He builds for himself and for his environment better conditions for development.

That Kabbalistic prayer book is found in stores, but no one understands a word of it. There are instructions in it as in any manual. If you are operating on a spiritual level, if you have the knowledge and the power, you can perform changes in the providence that is activated on you from above, and by that, change the world for the better, and only for the better.

That is why they say that the Jews (the Hebrews) lead the world. Indeed, a Hebrew-Jew (from the Hebrew word 'ever' – meaning OVER) refers to someone who has crossed over to the upper world, beyond our world, and therefore he can really lead the world.

There is no contradiction between the known sciences and the wisdom of Kabbalah. Quite the contrary, many of my students have academic degrees in exact sciences.

The wisdom of Kabbalah has all the characteristics of a science: experimentation, testing, documentation, repeating experiments and reconstruction of phenomena. In fact, it includes everything you find in other sciences, but on a broader perspective, because it includes all the fields of science within it.

The wisdom of Kabbalah allows for attainment (sensation) of results only through the attainment of a certain spiritual degree. It is called the wisdom of the hidden because the results are attained by the researcher alone, through his “screen” (power of aim). He cannot convey the results of the experiment that he has conducted to another person if he does not have a screen with the exact same power.

Performing an experiment in Kabbalah means to change within you, to feel the results of the experiment on yourself, in your body, your desire. A physicist can perform his experiments, regardless of his attributes and emotions; they are irrelevant to the experiment that he conducts and do not change in the course of it. With a Kabbalist, however, if he wants to perform an experiment at a certain level, he must first raise himself to that spiritual level, operate with his spiritual attributes, and by that affect the results of the experiment and document them on himself.

There are only external tools to expand the power of perception for an ordinary scientist. But in the wisdom of Kabbalah, the Kabbalist has no other tool, but an inner ‘screen’, which serves him as an extra sense, a sixth sense, which is enough for him to act upon the whole system of creation and correct it. For that reason he needs nothing more than the screen.

Kabbalah is no different to any other law. It corresponds to all the laws of nature that we know. All it does is reveal them in depth. It seemingly continues the laws of physics, chemistry, optics, electronics etc. but from the perspective of the soul. The ordinary science is a part of Kabbalah, because Kabbalah is a science that depicts the basic law of creation and its consequences in our world.

Because the wisdom of Kabbalah deals with the system of creation as a whole, through all the worlds, including our own, it naturally includes all other sciences, including medicine, that is, the knowledge of our biological body. But all that is possible only provided one attains spirituality and is proficient in the spiritual world. Then one knows which way the spiritual forces descend to our world, and sustain the body, why this or that thing happens with the body, what is the problem with each disease etc. For the attainment of this knowledge, you have to be a Kabbalist, because you cannot learn it from books alone.

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