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Israel - April 2005

Congress Reading Materials

Reading Materials for Spring Congress 2005, Kfar Sitrin, Israel

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Spring Congress 2005, J Satinover Lecture at Kfar Sitrin, Q&A Session

J. Satinover: The discovery that something that is not part of the physical universe, nonetheless is a critical part, or, exerts a critical influence in the unfolding of events, is not only… not only was that an astounding shock to the entire scientific world view, but it has led to innumerable scientific advances that we are all taking advantage of at the very moment.

Spring Congress-2005, J. Satinover's Lecture at Kfar Sitrin

Rav Laitman: So, I will ask now our dear friend, a very well known scientist, a famous American scientist Jeffery Satinover, a very interesting person - a psychologist, psychiatrist, physicist - to come here now and give us a little talk.

Jeffrey Satinover: Thank you all very much for the opportunity to address you; it’s a real honor to be here. I had a wonderful time the last couple of days, I am only sorry that I could not stay here longer.
What I am going to talk to you about today is being presented as advanced science, but from the perspective of what you are studying, it is really extremely primitive.

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