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Article "One Law ", 25.07.04 - 29.07.04

Lessons for July 25 to July 29, 2004

Article "One Law" - lesson 1

This is what Baal HaSulam writes: "He, who fulfills at least one law of the above world, wins himself and the world over to the virtue of goodness."

Article "One Law" - lesson 2

There is only one law in the entire universe. It is called “absolute bestowal.” In order to be able to fulfill this law we are given our life and our world, which is created in absolute accordance with the goal.Nothing in our world is purposeless. On the contrary, only if a person uses everything at his disposal, will he be able to correct himself and become equal to the Creator.

Article "One Law" - lesson 3

Thought, Speech, Action. Any effort of correction includes thought, speech, and action. If action is directed to the Creator, then in itself it proves the presence of intention. Both action and intention are aimed at the same object, the Creator, but in this case intention also can be either “for one’s self” or “for the sake of the Creator.”

Article "One Law" - lesson 4

Kabbalists are the people who enter the spiritual world and from there they tell us about the entire universe. No one else but them knows or understands anything about it. They explain to us that the only thing that was ever created is the soul, Adam. This soul was broken into many parts so as to create in each of them the right intention and to fill this Kli, to make it equal to the Creator.

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