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Michael Laitman, PhD

Chapter 3.18 - The Worlds of BYA

The Zivug for the creation of the world of Beria was performed in Bina of Atzilut, and hence took the place of Zeir Anpin of Atzilut.

The world of Yetzira, which was created after the world Beria, expands below it in the place of Malchut of Atzilut. Partzuf Malchut of Atzilut clothes only the four lowest Sefirot of Partzuf Zeir Anpin (NHYM) so that only the first four Sefirot of Malchut, KHB and Tifferet are in Atzilut facing the four Sefirot NHYM of Zeir Anpin. The Sefirot Gevura, Tifferet, and NHYM of Partzuf Malchut are below Parsa.

Hence, when the world of Yetzira was created, its first four Sefirot dressed the four first Sefirot of Malchut, while its six lower Sefirot came in the place of the bottom six Sefirot of Beria. The place of BYA consists of 30 Sefirot.

In the future, after the sin of the First Man, the worlds of BYA descend to this place. The place where the lower six Sefirot of Yetzira end is called the Chazeh of the place of the world of Beria. After the breaking of the soul of the First Man, that would become the Chazeh of Beria.

After the world of Yetzira was created and took its place, Malchut of Atzilut created the world of Assiya. It expanded below the world of Yetzira, meaning from the Chazeh of the place of the world of Beria to the Chazeh of the world of Yetzira.

The Chazeh of the place of the world of Yetzira is called "the Chazeh of the place of the worlds of BYA." In that place the expansion of the worlds of BYA stops. Below that place there is no Light. In that place, from the Chazeh of the place of the world of Yetzira and under, it is called Mador HaKlipot (the “shell section”). Under it there is the point of “This World.”

A place (in spirituality) means desire. The point of “This World” is a will to receive in order to receive in order to receive for oneself, a desire to enjoy pleasures in worldly clothes, such as sex, respect, control and envy. The shells are higher up than that, because they wish to take pleasure in the Creator.

In the wisdom of Kabbalah, the reference point is always that which is to be attained. Hence, those who learn that their desires are aimed only at reception in order to receive, and never to bestow, can be referred to as "attainees." They are in the state of “This World.” But those who do not learn that all desires are directed at reception in order to receive is not in this place (desire). They are even lower down than that, i.e. even before that discovery. They exist in a place (desire) called “Our World,” unconscious of their desires, and do not feel their own unconsciousness.

Humanity as a whole is in the degree of “Our World,” or unconsciousness. From this degree begins the evolution of man’s desire to receive. The evolution is a natural process, pushing everyone through the harsh force of Din (judgment) toward correction.

Man's entire human history is a generation-by-generation evolution of the will to receive, promoted by three factors: envy, desire and the pursuit of glory.

The reason for all the suffering in the world is the will to receive; therefore, suffering will bring man and the whole of mankind to the decision to leave it. Those whose will to receive has evolved enough will receive a push from Above to want something beyond this world. That push makes man begin to search for the source of satisfaction for this new desire, until the right teacher is found. It often takes years, and sometimes an entire lifetime is not enough. But if the Creator brings one to a place where Kabbalah is taught, as He did with me, it is a sign that one is given a chance from Above to correct one's soul and attain the goal.

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