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Part Five: Religion, Prejudice and Kabbalah

Chapter 5.1 – Religion or Science?

Kabbalah is often associated with tradition and even with religion. In most cases, this is a result of the difficulty in finding the logic in the old customs and the various prohibitions in the Mitzvot (commandments). It is a difficulty that is expressed directly or indirectly by antagonism toward religion. This is the reason for the important need to clearly distinguish between Kabbalah and religion...

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Chapter 5.2 – Kabbalah In Our Lives

During the 6,000 years of its existence, souls descend to our world in a certain order and clothe the physical bodies of our world, which is the lowest degree of Creation in the universe. There is a clear and accurate order of the descent of the souls, from the finest with the least amount of egoism, to the coarsest, most egoistic souls...

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Chapter 5.3 – Uprooting Prejudice

Kabbalists say just one thing: “Start learning of the wisdom of Kabbalah!” Through the study of the soul of the Torah you will begin to understand which is essential for us, and why we were created...

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Chapter 5.4 – Questions & Answers

Are there certain habits or customs around studying the wisdom of Kabbalah? Does modern science accept this perspective? How does Kabbalah relate to the "Big Band" theory? Will science understand the sixth sense in the future? When will mankind be able to understand the uniqueness of Kabbalah? What kind of connection exists between Kabbalah and the role of the Jews in realizing the goal you described? Where is God in the wisdom of Kabbalah and what is His function? Are there parallels to the wisdom of Kabbalah in other religions?..

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