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Moscow - October 2006

A New Humanity The Opening of the Moscow Congress 2006, Part 2

Question: I wanted to ask a question, but I no longer want to. As a specialist in the field of philosophy, I provide the systems of Nikolay Gafman and Maslow (that triangle with five levels) to my students and force them to think what level they are actually on: are they alive or inanimate? ...

"A New Humanity" - Lesson 2

After yesterday's lesson I received a very good question. The question is that in the book Shamati we study articles about a person’s spiritual work. It is a personal work even if a person is all by himself, without a teacher, only he and the Creator. On the other hand, both Baal HaSulam in his letters, and my Rav, Rabash in his articles, write that the main thing is working in a group.

I remember the time when, for about a year or so, I was studying with Rabash and became stuck to him. During the first four or six months, I was studying with Hilel, another Baal HaSulam’s disciple who, too, was sixty-five years old. When I asked Rabash what I lacked, he said that I needed a small group of men to study with. I needed other desires, thoughts and aspirations which would be similar to mine and would support me...

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