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Moscow - August 2006

Perception of Reality and Construction of the Soul, Part 1

This was introduced on the lowest level of egoism. Everything operates this way on still, animate and vegetative levels of egoism. These levels of egoism see and sense what it is that they need. An animal never makes a mistake. A baby calf, a lamb or a puppy, knows from the start what kind of grass to eat, and they know if they’re sick. Nobody has to teach them. They’ll never stumble and fall off a cliff or cause any harm to themselves. They have an instinct that serves them in all of life’s situations, whereas a person lacks knowledge about our world...

Perception of Reality and Construction of the Soul, Part 2

A person shouldn’t complain about anything. Everyone has a group of some sort, some kind of a connection, books of some sort, prepared conditions and other benefits. Suddenly I get the desire to write a book in Russian, and as a result you have a book...

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