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Michael Laitman, PhD

The Arvut

The Bond

All the people are responsible for one another.

The revelation of the Creator occurs only under the condition of the Arvut (mutual guarantee), when everyone becomes responsible for one another. This is so because the correction method was given only when every person in the group was asked if he agreed to take upon himself the law of “Love your friend as yourself” in the measure of “as yourself.”

The end of the correction of the world will take place when all the people in the world keep the law of love of man in the measure of “as yourself.” But until then, only those whose point in the heart has awakened must correct themselves to bestowal in all 613 desires in everyone’s heart. In this way, they will qualify themselves and the rest of the world to evolve and accept the work toward achieving love of man, the ladder to the purpose of creation—adhesion with (similarity to) the Creator.

Every act that a person does without self-benefit and to bring contentment to the Creator promotes the development of all the people. The role of Bnei Baruch is to make the world suitable for purification, until they are worthy of taking upon themselves the law of love.

The impressions in one’s actions towards the Creator are exactly the same as the impressions in one’s actions towards a friend. This is because we are compelled to do everything for the good of others, without any hope for self-love, without any reward or honor. And it is precisely at this point that the love of the Creator and the love of man literally unite as one.

However, if one cannot restrain his petty cravings and falls into self-love, he pushes back the spirituality of the whole world.

The purpose of creation lies on the shoulders of the entire human race, black, white, or yellow, without any essential difference. However, the correction is a gradual one. First come only those whose point in the heart has awakened: the members of Bnei Baruch worldwide. Following them comes the rest of the world.

The Bnei Baruch group was established as a conduit through which the method of Kabbalah and the force of love will flow onto the rest of humanity. Thanks to it, people will be able to understand the pleasantness, beauty, and the peace that love of man provides, and they will commit themselves to the law of loving others. Thus, evil will vanish from the world.

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