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(1273 - 1393 BCE)

Moses was known for being different than other Kabbalists in that alongside the revelation that he obtained, he was ordered to publicize it to the whole of mankind, write about it and establish learning centers. That did not happen with previous Kabbalists. Since then and until today, all the Kabbalists form study groups around them.

Moses had 70 disciples, and Yehoshua Ben Nun (Joshua, the son of Nun) was the one who inherited him. Moses did more than research the upper world. He dealt with the practical realization of his spiritual attainment in our world, such as the exodus from Egypt. With the wisdom he acquired, and the upper forces he received from above, he was able to bring the people of Israel out of exile.

He brought his people to the border between Jordan and Israel, and from there he could not go on with them because his soul was not the one that had to conquer the land of Israel in action.

His task was to deliver the people of Israel out of Egypt and write a book, with which any man could ‘conquer’ the upper world, and exit Egypt in the spirit, i.e. stop worshiping idols, objects, the sun and other false gods. He wanted to enable them to obtain the situation of entrance to the spiritual land of Israel – called the world of Atzilut – a world of eternity and wholeness. It is a situation that one attains inwardly, beyond the boundaries of time and space.

The method Moses brought in his book is called Torah, from the word Ohr (light). It contains instructions on how to use the light in order to enter the spiritual world, how to live for an eternal goal instead of the transient life we live in this world. With this book, a person can uncover the entire picture of creation, though he may experience just a tiny fraction of it. He can calculate correctly and attain the desired outcome, build his life toward the final goal, the one Moses wanted to attain. That is what a person who studies by the method that Moses develops gradually comes to.

Moses’ method, resulting from the Torah, allows anyone living on earth to attain Moses’ degree, meaning exit this world with his feelings and enter the upper world, the entire creation. The Hebrew root of the name Moses is the word Moshe, which means pulling out, out of this world.

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