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82. The Prayer One Should Always Pray

What I heard in private on Vayera, November 1952

Faith is discerned as Malchut interpreted in the mind and the heart, that is, bestowal and faith. And opposite faith there is the discernment of the “foreskin,” which is knowing, whose way is to appreciate the discernment of the foreskin. Faith, however, called “the Holy Shechina (Divinity),” is in the dust. This means that this work is considered disgraceful, and everyone escapes walking on this path. But only this is called “the path of the righteous and Kedusha.”

The Creator wants His names to be revealed only in this manner, as in this manner it is certain that they will not blemish the Upper Lights, since the whole basis is bestowal and Dvekut (adhesion). Also, the Klipot cannot suck from this discernment, since their whole suction is from knowing and receiving.

And where there is darkness, the Holy Shechina cannot receive the Upper Lights into it, so the Lights do not fall into the Klipot. Because of that there is the sorrow of the Shechina, meaning that the Upper Lights are detained from being drawn into it, so it can bestow upon the souls.

And this depends on the lower ones alone. The Upper One can only dispense the Upper Light; but the force of the Masach, so the lower one does not want to receive anything in the vessels of reception, depends on the work of the lower ones; that is, the lower ones must make that scrutiny.

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