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28. I Shall Not Die but Live

I heard in 1943

In the verse, “I shall not die but live,” in order for one to achieve the truth, there must be a sensation that if one does not obtain the truth, one feels oneself as dead, because he wants to live. This means that the verse, “I shall not die but live” is said about one who wants to obtain the truth.

This is the meaning of “Jonah Ben (the son of) Amithai.” Jonah comes from the Hebrew word Honaa (Fraud), and Ben (son) from the Hebrew word Mevin (Understands). One understands because one always examines the situation one is in and sees that he has deceived himself, and he is not walking on the path of truth.

This is so because truth means to bestow, meaning Lishma. The opposite of that is fraud and deceit, meaning only to receive, which is Lo Lishma. By that one is later imparted the “Amithai,” meaning Emet (Truth).

This is the meaning of “thine eyes are as doves.” Eynaim (Eyes) of Kedusha (Sanctity), called Eynaim of the Holy Shechina (Divinity), are Yonim (Doves). They deceive us and we think that she has no Eynaim, as it is written in the Holy Zohar, “A fair maiden with no eyes.”

The truth is that one who is awarded the truth sees that she does have eyes. This is the meaning of “A bride whose eyes are handsome, her whole body needs no scrutiny.”

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