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103. Whose Heart Maketh Him Willing

I heard on the eve of Shabbat, Beresheet, October 1942

In the verse, “of every man whose heart maketh him willing ye shall take My offering.” This is the meaning of “the substance of an offering from Sanctity.” In other words, how does one come to a state of offering? Through Sanctity.

This means that if one sanctifies oneself with the permitted, he thus comes to a state of offering, which is the Holy Shechina (Divinity), called “my offering.” And this is the meaning of “of every man whose heart maketh him willing.” All of his heart, meaning if he had given all his heart, he is then rewarded with My offering, to cleave to the Holy Shechina.

In the verse, “in the day of his espousals, and in the day of the gladness of his heart,” espousals means being of inferior degree, which is lowliness. If a person takes upon himself to serve the Creator in a state of lowness, and at the same time he is happy with this work, this is an important degree. And then one is called “a bridegroom” to the Holy Shechina.

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