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107. Concerning the Two Angels

I heard on Tetzave, February, 1943, Jerusalem

Concerning the two angels that accompany one on the eve of Shabbat, the good angel and the evil angel, a good angel is called “right,” by which one comes closer to serving the Creator. This is called “the right brings closer.” And the bad angel is considered left, pushing further. This means that it brings one alien thoughts, whether in mind or in heart.

And when one prevails over the evil and brings oneself closer to the Creator, it means that on each time, he overcomes the evil and attaches himself to the Creator. Thus, he has come closer to adhesion with the Creator through both of them. This means that both performed a single task – they have caused him to adhere to the Creator. In that state one says, “Come in peace.”

And when one has completed all of one’s work and has already admitted all the left into Kedusha (Sanctity), as it is written, “there is not a place to hide from Thee,” the bad angel has nothing more to do, as the person has already prevailed all the difficulties that the evil presented. At that time the bad angel is idle, and the person tells it, “Go in peace.”

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