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149. Why We Need to Extend Hochma

I heard on Adar 22, March 9, 1953, Tel-Aviv

He asked, “Why do we need to extend the discernment of Hochma (wisdom), which is knowing, if all our work is by way of faith above reason?”

And he answered, “If the righteous of the generation were not in the form of knowing, the whole of Israel would not be able to work in the form of faith above reason. Rather, precisely when the righteous of the generation extends illumination of Hochma, his mind shines in the whole of Israel.”

For example, if one’s mind knows and understands what one wants, the organs perform their action, and do not need any intellect. Rather, the hand and the leg and the rest of the organs do what they must. And no sane person would think of asking or saying that if the hand and the leg had brains, their work would be better.

Thus, the mind does not change the organs, but the organs are set according to the greatness of the mind. This means that if the brain has a great mind, all the organs are named after it; they are called “great organs.”

Similarly, if the collective is adhered to a true righteous, who has already been awarded knowing, the collective can do things with faith. They have complete satisfaction, and have no need for any discernment of knowledge.

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