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170. Thou Shalt Not Have in Thy Pocket a Large Stone

I heard

“Thou shalt not have in thy pocket a large stone and a small stone.” Even (stone) is called “faith” (stones to weigh with). This is considered small, above reason. But at the same time, you should say that you have a “large stone,” meaning that you have reason. This means that what you do is not like the rest of the world, but that you have a solid basis, which is Gadlut (greatness) and not Katnut (smallness), meaning without basis and a complete Even.

There must be a “small stone” but it must be “complete,” meaning sufficient to keep the whole of the Torah and Mitzvot based on the “small stone,” and only then is it called “complete.”

But if it is “small,” and makes you do only small things, it is not considered “a complete stone.” And a large measure and a small measure? If you have a small basis, it is considered small. But when you have a “large stone,” a large basis, you consider yourself great, meaning that you are great. And a “complete stone” is when he is awarded private Providence.

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