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172. The Matter of Prevention and Delays

I heard on Passover 7, April 20, 1949, Tel Aviv

All the preventions and delays that appear before our eyes are but a form of nearing – the Creator wants to bring us closer. And all these preventions bring us only nearing, since without them we would have no possibility of coming closer to Him. This is so because, by nature, there is no greater distance, as we are made of pure matter, and the Creator is higher than high. And only when one begins to approach does one begin to feel the distance between us. And any prevention that one overcomes brings the way closer for that person.

(This is so because one grows accustomed to moving on a line of growing farther. Hence, whenever one feels that one is distant, it does not induce any change in the process, since he knows in advance that he is moving on a line of growing farther. It is so because this is the truth: there are not enough words to describe the distance between us and the Creator. Hence, every time one feels that distance to a greater extent than one thought, it causes him no contention.)

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