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Part II: The (Gist of the) Wisdom of Kabbalah. Chapter 3: The Origin of Creation

The (Gist of the) Wisdom of Kabbalah

As we wrote in the beginning of Part One, reality is an internal matter, a reflection of our inner experiences. These experiences “project” themselves onto our consciousness, as if on a movie screen, so we think that they are real...

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The Origin of Creation

Now that we have established the importance of the study of Kabbalah, it’s time to learn some of its basic ideas. Even though the scope of this book does not allow for a thorough study of the spiritual worlds, by the end of this chapter you will have a solid enough basis to continue...

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The Spiritual Worlds

Creation is made entirely of a desire to receive pleasure. This desire evolved in four phases, the last of which is called “a creature.” This template structure of evolution of desires is the basis for everything that exists...

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The Quest for the Thought of Creation

Even though the Creator wants us to receive the pleasure of becoming identical to Him, He didn’t give us this desire to begin with. All that He gave us—Creation—was an infinite craving for pleasure. However, as we can see in the sequence of phases, the Creator did not infuse Creation with a specific desire to be like Him. This evolved within her through the phases...

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The Route

To carry out the task of becoming identical to the Creator, the first thing Creation must obtain is the right environment to evolve and become Creator-like. This environment is called “worlds”...

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The Common Soul

The actual root of everything that happens here in our world is called “the common soul,” or as Kabbalists refer to it, Adam ha Rishon (The First Man). Adam ha Rishon is a structure of desires that emerged once the formation of the spiritual worlds was completed...

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