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Concealment—a Requisite for Free Choice

Ironically, true freedom of choice is possible only if the Creator is concealed. This is because if one option seems preferable, our egoism leaves us no choice but to go for it. In that case, even if we choose to give, we’ll be giving in order to receive—egoistic giving. For an act to be truly altruistic and spiritual, its benefits must be hidden from us.

If we keep in mind that the whole purpose of Creation is to eventually be liberated from egoism, our actions will always be heading us in the right direction—towards the Creator. Therefore, if we have two choices and don’t know which of them would bring us more pleasure (or less pain), then we have a real opportunity to make a free choice.

If the ego does not see a preferable choice, we can choose according to a different set of values. For example, we could ask ourselves not “what action would produce more fun for us,” but instead ponder “what would be more giving?” If giving is something we value, this will be easy to do.

We can either be egoists or altruists, either thinking of ourselves or thinking of others. There are no other options. Freedom of choice is possible when both options are clearly visible and equally appealing (or unappealing). If I can only see one option, I will have to follow it. Therefore, to choose freely, I have to be aware of my own nature and the Creator’s nature. A truly free choice means that I don’t know which will be more pleasurable; only in this way can I neutralize my ego.

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