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This book is dedicated to every person

with a point in the heart


First, my sincerest thanks to my group of Kabbalah students and friends in St. Louis, Missouri, who gave up many Sunday afternoons in order to help edit this book. There is simply no way to express my gratitude to these wonderful people: JoAnn Adams, Dee Berman, Marlene Bricker, Maureen Burton, Fran Ebel, Judy Hobart, Sally Hori, Ed Magraw, Pam Magraw, Gina Mason, Jim McClaren, David Monolo, Joyce Reese, and Roger Zemen.

To my dear friend, Chaim Ratz, who spent a great deal of time editing and verifying the accuracy of this work’s content according to the strict standards of the Kabbalah group, Bnei Baruch in Tel Aviv, Israel. This book would have been totally impossible without your efforts. To Tony Kosinec and Igal Zahavi, my dear friends in the Toronto Bnei Baruch group, who supported me through the entire effort, and usually several times a day!

To my editor, Claire Gerus, I offer my deepest gratitude for her highly professional hard work in editing the book. Thanks to Uri Laitman, who managed the distribution of the book. And a special thanks to my wife, Shari, who was so understanding on those countless nights of late work at the office to complete this work. To my world group, the entire haverim, I thank you all for your wonderful thoughts of encouragement and strong intent.

Finally, to my Rav, Kabbalist Michael Laitman, PhD. It is impossible to put into words how fortunate I feel to have a teacher so dedicated to the spiritual growth of his students. Our initial personal relationship began, of all places, in a hotel lobby, where for several hours I peppered Dr. Laitman with questions regarding this wondrous wisdom. He patiently answered every single question, and in so doing, began a relationship that has now spanned years of classes, discussions, meetings, complaints, e-mails, and study, all of which promptly challenged me to delve deeper and deeper ever since.

The author, Mike Kellogg

can be contacted at

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