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In a Nutshell

There are five levels to our desires, divided into three groups. The first group is animal desires (food, reproduction, and home); the second is human desires (money, honor, knowledge), and the third group is the spiritual desire (the “point in the heart”).

As long as only the first two groups were active, we settled for “taming” our desires through routine, and for suppressing them. When the “point in the heart” appeared, the first two ways no longer did the job, and we had to look for another way. This is when the wisdom of Kabbalah resurfaced, after having been hidden for thousands of years, waiting for the time it would be needed.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is the means for our Tikkun (correction). Using it, we can change our Kavana (intention) from wanting self-gratification, defined as egoism, to wanting to gratify the whole of Nature, the Creator, defined as altruism.

The global crisis we are experiencing today is really a crisis of desires. When we use the wisdom of Kabbalah to satisfy the last, greatest wish of all—the desire for spirituality—all problems will be resolved automatically, because their root is in the spiritual dissatisfaction many are experiencing.

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