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In a Nutshell

The Thought of Creation is to give delight and pleasure by making a creature that is similar to its maker. This Thought (Light) creates a will to receive delight and pleasure.

Subsequently, the will to receive begins to want to give because giving is more similar to the Creator, and that’s clearly more desirable. The will to receive then decides to receive because that’s the way to give pleasure to the Creator. After that, the will to receive wants to know the Thought that created it, because what greater pleasure could there be than to know everything? Finally, the will to receive (creature) begins to receive with the intention to bestow because giving makes it similar to the Creator, which is how it can study the Creator’s thoughts.

Those desires that can receive in order to bestow create the worlds, which are considered the upper part of Creation, and desires that can’t be used in order to bestow constitute the common soul of Adam ha Rishon. Those desires are considered the lower part of Creation.

The worlds and the soul are constructed similarly, but with a different intensity of desires. Because of that, the worlds can show the soul how to work in order to bestow and thus help Adam ha Rishon become corrected.

Roughly speaking, each desire is corrected in a specific world: the still level is corrected in the world Adam Kadmon; the vegetative in the world Atzilut; the animate in the world Beria; the speaking in the world Yetzira; and the desire for spirituality can only be corrected in the world Assiya, the lowest part of which is our physical universe. And that brings us to the topic of our next chapter.

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