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Chapter 5: Whose Reality Is Reality?

Whose Reality Is Reality?

Of all the unexpected concepts found in Kabbalah, there is none so unpredictable, unreasonable, yet so profound and fascinating as the concept of reality. Had it not been for Einstein and Quantum Physics, which revolutionized the way we think about reality, the ideas presented here would have been brushed off and ridiculed...

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Three Boundaries in Learning Kabbalah

In his Preface to The Book of Zohar, Kabbalist Yehuda Ashlag writes that there are “four categories of perception—Matter, Form in Matter, Abstract Form, and Essence.” When we examine the spiritual Nature, it is our job to decide which of these categories provide us with solid, reliable information, and which do not...

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Perception of Reality

Many terms are used to describe understanding. For Kabbalists, the deepest level of understanding is called “attainment.” Since they are studying the spiritual worlds, their goal is to reach “spiritual attainment.” Attainment refers to such profound and thorough understanding of the perceived that no questions remain. Kabbalists write that at the end of humanity’s evolution, we will all attain the Creator in a state called “Equivalence of Form”...

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In a Nutshell

For correct perception, we need to limit ourselves by three boundaries...

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