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Lesson 8

To summarize what we have covered so far:

There are five filters around us that conceal the Light of the Creator, or five worlds. If we act naturally, for ourselves, we find ourselves under the influence of these filters. All of them are above us. If one decides to correct oneself in accordance with the properties of just one of these filters, even the lowest of them, that person will ascend. He or she will stand above the filter and their attributes will match the attributes of the given world. Furthermore, if that person’s attributes become similar to those of the other two worlds, he will neutralize the action of these two filters as well, and will find himself above them.

We are now experiencing Tzimtzum, and it seems to us that the Creator no longer wants us to perceive Him, which is why He conceals Himself. Actually, if we perform a correction equal to the World of Assiya, this means we are located in this world. We have removed the filter we no longer need as we can now retain the Light and receive it for the sake of giving. Then we realize that for the Creator it does not matter whether we are making the restriction in order to receive for His sake or for our own.

Simply, the individual reaches a level where there is no distinction between receiving or giving, truth and lies, good deeds and transgressions. We choose what we prefer. But on the Creator’s side there is only one desire, to delight us. The type of delight depends on the receiver.

The main objective is, without any conditions set by the Creator, to choose the altruistic ascent even though no reward or punishment for self will be incurred. This choice is not on the punishment-reward level, but is on the highest spiritual level where selflessness and detachment prevail.

The Creator places five filters in front of us to seal us off from the divine Light. Behind the fifth and final filter, the Creator is not sensed at all. This is where our material world is located. There also, life is supported by a tiny spark of Light (Ner Dakik), which is the meaning of our life, the sum of all our desires from all generations, in all souls, since the dawn of mankind.

This Light is so minute that the deeds carried out by the souls are not considered transgressions, but are merely considered as minimal animal life. There is no restriction on receiving these minimal pleasures. So live and enjoy…

However, if you want more, you have to become similar to the spiritual. Each spiritual pleasure means committing a completely altruistic bestowal, regardless of yourself. To achieve this, you must reach a certain level and act like the filter itself, by shielding away the incoming Light.

The filter then ceases to exist, and one is able to push away the Light that strives to enter one’s Kli. This person will later on receive, but for the sake of the Creator. The soul of Adam conformed to the 30 Sefirot of the three Worlds of BYA, which represent the same World of Atzilut, but are located inside egoistic desires with Aviut Bet, Aviut Gimel, and Aviut Dalet.

When Adam corrects his actions and spiritualizes them, he ascends together with the worlds to the World of Atzilut. After passing through the 6,000 degrees of correction, Adam ha Rishon fully ascends to the World of Atzilut. Each soul, being a fragment of the Partzuf of Adam ha Rishon, follows the same path.

We cannot choose what needs to be corrected, but correct what is sent to us from Above, what is revealed to us. And so on to the Highest level.

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