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No calamity comes to the world but for Israel.

Talmud Bavli, Yevamot, 63:1


Understanding the role of Israel makes it easier to understand the phenomenon of anti-Semitism, and how it may be resolved. The root of both anti-Semitism and of blaming the Jews for every adversity that occurs in the world is part of the purpose of Israel’s existence: providing the world the method for the correction of the ego. The fate of the people of Israel depends on the way they realize their task.

As long as Israel does not carry out the correction method on themselves and does not pass it on to the rest of the nations, humanity’s imbalance with Nature will increase. This will go on to increase the intensity and frequency of negative phenomena in all of humanity, and in the lives of every individual. Today, these phenomena have worsened to the level of a global crisis.

Anti-Semitism is appearing in the world according to the evolution of the nations. Subconsciously, the nations sense that they depend on Israel for their happiness. This is why the negative attitude toward Jews has appeared specifically in more evolved nations. It is not surprising that Germany, the most developed country in the beginning of the 20th century, was also the country where a horrendous outbreak of Anti-Semitism occurred. The more a nation’s ego evolves, the more powerfully is awakened a hatred of Jews. In some, it is a violent reaction; in others, it is quiet consent and support.

Today, the evolution of the ego has made most of the world’s nations resentful toward Israel. Even countries that were previously sympathetic toward Israel, such as North European countries, have changed for the worse. Surveys held in the European Union indicate that 60% of the population in the European Union believe Israel is the country that poses the greatest danger to world peace. In the Netherlands, for example, this view is supported by 74% of the population. The survey also revealed that Israel’s image among the educated is deteriorating.25

Moreover, seemingly “small and insignificant” countries are making public anti-Israeli statements. Even countries that have no direct contact with Israel display anti-Semitic attitudes. All these phenomena are rooted in the Nature of Creation, as it is written, “It is known that Esau is hateful of Jacob” (Midrash Sifrey, Parashat BeHaalotchah, par. 11).

It should be pointed out that other nations relate to one another very differently from the way they relate to Israel. Even when two nations hate each other, they will unite under a common threat, just as animals cooperate to escape danger. But other nations’ attitudes toward Israel are different: even under threat. They point the finger at us as the reason for their perilous state.

At present, many nations believe that there is no place for the people of Israel in the world, not even in the state of Israel. Such beliefs stem from an instinctive sense that we are the source of all predicaments. However, even these nations cannot consciously explain that to themselves or to us.

In fact, Jews, too, cannot understand why everyone hates them, and why they feel oddly guilty. It is almost as if they were indebted to the other nations, recognizing that they deserve this distinctive, negative attitude.

In fact, Anti-Semitism does not depend on the nations of the world, but only on Israel’s function. We must not rely on any one nation to assist us, or hope that the world’s approach toward us will change for the better. On the contrary, hatred toward us will arise even in countries that today seem supportive of us, unless we begin to realize our destination.

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