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The Future of the World is in Our Hands

From what has been said in this part, it appears that the solution to the global crisis depends particularly on us, on each and every member of the nation of Israel. Not on the leaders, but on every individual.

Every moment that we are not fulfilling our role is costing us a great deal. The duty of the people of Israel is one that cannot be avoided or turned down. It also cannot be ignored.

It is like the biblical story of the prophet Jonah, who was sent to warn the residents of Nineveh about the danger they were facing. Jonah tried to escape from the assignment he was given, but was forced to complete his assignment.

The story of Jonah is a pertinent allegory to all of us. This is why Kabbalists instructed that it would be read every year on Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement), the day of introspection. It is a reminder of our duty.

Even if we want to escape our responsibility in countries overseas, it will not help. Just as the sailors on Jonah’s boat sensed that he was to blame for the storm that was about to drown them, and threw him off the boat, today the nations of the world are sensing that we are to blame for the world’s predicaments, and their pressure on us will increase rapidly. The murky reality we are in today could be only the beginning of what lies ahead.

We have built in Israel an artificial bubble, and we are living our daily routine in it. Some of us believe that we will be able to overcome our neighbors by military force or that we will someday make peace with them. Either way, the general atmosphere is, “It’ll be alright.” We are unaware of the lurking blow, and so we are carrying on with our daily lives.

For the time being, we are allowed to live in Israel, even though we are behind in carrying out Nature’s plan. This state is similar to the one that existed prior to the ruin of the Second Temple. The signs of the ruin were there some seventy years prior to the ruin itself, as the people declined to the lowest degrees of corporeality—unfounded hatred. However, the Temple continued to stand for a while longer, and the people were not yet exiled.

At that time, the ruin had already occurred on the level of forces, but it had yet to materialize. It was “on delay” for several decades. Today, too, there is a delay, but it is so that we will perform the correction. As soon as even a few of us begin to “lean” toward carrying out our duty, the balance of Nature’s forces will change. The beginning of the realization of the method to correct the ego will produce an immediate change in the entire world. It is not surprising that the whole world thinks that Jews are manipulating the world, that they have some secret that they are unwilling to share. It is true, and others sense it subconsciously.

When our thoughts are egoistic, we are ill-effecting the world. However, if we want change, altruistic thoughts will enable us to change the world for the better, at lightning speed. We have been “chosen” in the sense that within us are powers of thought and will, which, if used correctly, will allow us to change reality instantaneously. We must recognize that and thus “sentence the world to a scale of merit” (Talmud Bavli, Kidushin, 40:2).

Today, it is recommended that every person become acquainted with the principles of the correction method, try to realize them within his or herself and pass this knowledge on to others. When we read books related to the correction method, or encounter similar material presented on the Internet, or watch a video on that topic, it strengthens our internality. This will intensify the sensation that our own future, our happiness and the happiness of our loved ones depends solely on achieving equilibrium with the altruistic Nature, and this will make us aspire for it. By doing so, we will immediately change the course of our lives.

To summarize, we should be aware that we are a special people. Everything that happens to us happens because of us. There is no one to blame but us. No one determines anything for us, and there is no other nation in the world that completely determines everything that happens to it.

It may be hard to accept and to take in, but everything is in our hands and depends on us. We are the only ones that determine our fate, and the fate of the whole world.

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