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I. Kabbalah Facts and Fallacies. 6. Baal HaSulam

Just the Gist

Kabbalah wasn’t always as popular as it is today. When it first started, it was in demand by only a few, who searched for the meaning of their lives. These first Kabbalists continued to develop it through the generations, adapted it to the changing times and made it more scientific, as our generation demands. This chapter introduces the way Kabbalistic texts work and how they have developed over the centuries to make their wisdom more available and accessible to everyone...

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The Goal of Kabbalah

The goal of Kabbalah is to create a method for individuals to become spiritually fulfilled. As you know by now, Kabbalah means “reception.” The purpose of life in this world is for a person to achieve the highest level of spirituality. According to Kabbalah, souls repeatedly come back to this world in people until their goal is reached. The spiritual goal is different from creative and intellectual aspirations. As described in Chapter 4, the quest for spirituality is the final stage of human development. Kabbalah guides and offers a path to spiritual fulfillment...

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The Great Commentator

Baal HaSulam is the only one who succeeded in composing complete (and updated) commentaries of The Zohar and the writings of the Ari since they were first written. His books allow Kabbalists to study ancient texts in modern language and are indispensable tools for those who aspire to achieve spirituality. In his article “Time to Act,” Baal HaSulam explains that before the printing press, when scribes were in vogue, no one would bother bending their back to copy a book with wild claims; it wouldn’t be worth the time, expense, and candle wax. As bookmaking advanced, theories and connections to Kabbalah were enhanced by authors, which were easily published...

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In a Nutshell

Kabbalah provides a method for attaining spiritual fulfillment...

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