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Michael Laitman, PhD

The Start of the Climb

At the bottom rung on the spiritual ladder, where you and I start, we are disconnected from the Creator. Here, the task is to refurbish our desire for spirituality and make it a working vehicle to drive us up the spiritual ladder once more.

All souls started out at being one with the Creator. In a sense, then, you and I have been developing and refurbishing ourselves for many thousands of years. In the framework of Kabbalah, the last 6,000 years have been the culmination of this process. Now the process is nearing its end, a time when all of humanity is becoming spiritual. So let’s look at the process and see how Kabbalah shows a way to go about this spiritual process.

Towards a Common Soul

Kabbalah provides a method for spiritual correction and specifies a 6,000-phase route, referred to in the literature as “6,000 years.” After their complete correction, all souls reunite into one common soul and start working as a unified system. The construction of this common soul binds the individual souls together so that each of them feels what all the others feel. This is the achievement of absolute attainment, called the “End of Correction.”

The only thing necessary to embark on this spiritual journey is the desire to do so. No spiritual progress can possibly occur in you if you do not want it beforehand. At the spiritual degree, evolution should be conscious and voluntary.

Questions such as “Why am I suffering?” “Where does pain come from and what does it want of me?” “Is there a purpose to suffering?” and “Is it all worthwhile?” are useful if the predicaments give you the sense to ask for directions on how to evolve. They are even more useful if you can use them to increase your desire for spirituality. When you begin to ask yourself these questions, it is a sure sign that you’ve begun your way up the spiritual ladder.

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