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II. Before there Was Time. 13. Let the Music Speak

Just the Gist

Kabbalists have always written music as part of their spiritual expression. It’s an inseparable part of their spirituality and stems directly from their spiritual degree. Because there are no words in the spiritual Upper Worlds, music fills in where words fail. For a music-sensitive student, music can be just as beneficial and powerful as any book—at times, even more so...

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Not by Words Alone

Starting to perceive the Upper World, a Kabbalist enters a different dimension. An entire world is revealed before you in its full grandeur and wealth. It is something that does not exist in this world. The Kabbalist perceives an entirely different picture: forces that bring our world into action and souls that are not attached to bodies. Past, present, and future stand before the Kabbalist in the present. The Kabbalist experiences all of this and lives fulfilled with the eternal, perfect sensation, a feeling that encompasses the whole universe. Words are not enough to express this deep emotional experience. How do you describe something that can’t be seen or touched? The worlds of Kabbalah have to be “felt” by the Kabbalist...

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Melodies of the World to Come

To understand what the Kabbalistic composer wants to express in the melody, you merely need to listen, and your understanding works automatically. By listening to the melodies of a Kabbalist, you have the opportunity to be affected to a certain degree by their impressions of the spiritual worlds...

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In a Nutshell

Music is another medium for Kabbalists to express their spiritual states...

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