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III. Kabbalah Today. 16. Correction Starts with Me

Just the Gist

It’s easy to look at the world’s problems and say, “There’s nothing I can do ….” There is something you and I can do. Up to this point, we have been learning the basics of Kabbalah and that the ego, or egoism, is our problem. The last two chapters focus on the way to correct our egoism. Naturally, to succeed in correcting the world, we have to first correct ourselves, which is the topic of this chapter...

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Discovering the Unified Structure

As we’ve said throughout this book, Kabbalah provides a method by which you see that what happens inside you is how you experience the world outside you. We have also pointed out the interconnectedness of everything in creation. Tying these two is the key to correction...

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A Chain of Souls

So we’re all sharing life, just like cells in a body, where each cell depends on the life of the whole organism. If the other souls think about you, you will live. If they don’t think about you, you will die. That law is the condition for spiritual, as well as physical life...

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Two Ways Up

According to the Creator’s plan, the entire universe must reach the state of correction, and the time allocated for correction is limited. The Zohar indicates that the correction must begin its final stages from the end of the 20th century. From this time on, humanity will be urged to correct by intensifying sufferings—read the news, and you’ll see a fair case of that. Recognizing the purpose of creation and knowing the method of correction will enable you to approach the goal consciously. This is the key, and it’s faster than the suffering that will otherwise catch up with us from behind. Instead of suffering, we have the opportunity to feel fulfillment and inspiration even while still on the path of correction...

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In a Nutshell

The Creator created a “Creatorless” boat, and we must keep it afloat. Only if we, egoists, unite we will survive...

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