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Michael Laitman, PhD

Nimrod’s Way

Naturally, Nimrod did not want to accept the rule of integrated systems that Abraham introduced. He was the ruler of Babel, and yet here was one of his subjects telling him that he, the ruler of the greatest land in the world, must yield to a higher law than his own.

True to human nature’s egotism, Nimrod could not concede that his way, and that of his fathers, of following the desire to receive, had been wrong, and that changes were required. To preserve the way humanity has been building itself up to that point, Nimrod had no other choice but to try to eliminate the risk. He took the course of action that the human race has used since the day weapons were first invented, and decided to destroy Abraham.

Although he did not manage to kill Abraham, he did chase him out of Babel. But Nimrod’s Babel was too big a city to exist without applying the rule of integrated systems. And without knowing how to unite the people of Babel, all of whom were acting on their desires to receive, the Babylonians could not stay together and the beautiful megalopolis disintegrated.

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