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Michael Laitman, PhD

A Package for You

When a certain thought about the meaning of life awakens in us, it is a sign that the Creator has invited us to contact Him, to touch base.

It is as if a courier were knocking on our door saying, “A package for you!”—This is how the invitation arrives.

We must open the door, accept the package, open it, and from its content recognize its sender and how we should respond to it.

We hear the knocking on the door but we wait, sitting on the couch, too idle to get up. We yell to the courier, “Leave it by the door; I’ll pick it up later.”

This attitude causes the awakening to dissipate, and who knows when will be the next time that we feel a knock on the door of our heart?

When we receive an invitation, we should promptly realize it and go all out to discover what is in the package, find the Sender’s address, and knock on His door.


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