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Michael Laitman, PhD

The Button

Currently, we are seeing the picture of this world as if we are all watching the same TV channel.

We have become so accustomed to it that we can’t even imagine that there is another channel.

One day, it gets a little boring. The point in the heart has awakened in us, and a desire to change the channel rises from within. Previously, we didn’t even imagine this was possible.

Gradually, we begin to realize that we can change the channel, but only if we truly want to. Our desire is the button that can change the channel.

As soon as we are ready, the other channel will turn on automatically. It isn’t that the first channel will disappear, but that the second one will be added; we will view the first channel, and be aware of the second in the background.

Thus, the two worlds will merge within us into a single, all-inclusive harmony.

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