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Ego and Love

The Human Ego

When I look at others, my ego evokes envy and hate and desire to control. I don’t wish others well, or at least, not better than me...

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Time to Break Free

Our nature, through which we sense the world and ourselves alive and operating in it, is a program that depicts a certain reality for us. It is called “Ego”—the will to receive and to enjoy by myself and for myself, even when it is at the expense of others...

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We must not destroy anything within us. Even the most negative attributes should remain. We do not create anything new, but only correct how we use what already exists within us...

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Emerging into a Reality of Love

Love means to regard the other as yourself. You know the other’s desires. You sense them as your own desires, and you do everything you can to satisfy them...

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A Social Network on the Spiritual Level

Today the ego has evolved to such a degree that we prefer a more virtual relationship with others. It is not that we do or do not want others. But we feel better, more comfortable, more complete when we connect with others through text messages or a computer screen, or something else...

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