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Michael Laitman, PhD

There Is None Else Besides Him

The Creator created one soul
and divided it into numerous particles
so that among them they would learn
what it means to love,
and together they will attain Him.


As children, we all ask questions
that relate to the meaning of life,
to the connection with the Creator.
These are the most natural questions that one asks oneself.
But then we stifle them within us
and live like robots.


Imagine being a newborn baby,
your first sensation
that someone is caring for you.

A feeling that there is someone huge,
who shows his warm, caring,
and benevolent feelings toward you.

You cannot understand him yet,
but you know that he takes care of you,
does everything that is good for you,
and you are completely under his control.

Thus, gradually, people will come to feel
the caring and overseeing influence
of the Upper Force,
the only force in the world.

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