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Michael Laitman, PhD

A Field of Love

The Creator is a spiritual field of love and bestowal.

We move within in it by shifting our desires, while constantly being at the point of resemblance to this field.

Initially, we are opposite from the field; we are in its outermost circle, called “This World.”

To the extent of our level of desire to draw nearer to the center, to the quality of the Creator of love and bestowal, we evoke the influence of this field upon us, and it shifts our position.

Accordingly, it is clear that we cannot ask the Creator to change His attitude toward us or hope for any special favors on His part. It is as pointless as asking gravity not to affect our bodies.

The Creator is a force that is inconsiderate of our words, but considers instead our innermost desires.

The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches the laws of the spiritual world; it is spiritual physics.

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