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The Spiritual World

When the spiritual world is revealed we discover a treasure, or more precisely, “a deposit,” a new layer of reality that has been in our “account” from the beginning...

Why Is It So Important for Women to Be Beautiful?

Women’s tendency to adorn themselves stems from a very high root. In spirituality, to adorn oneself means to correct oneself in accord with the Creator, the force of love and bestowal...

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Pleasures, Lights, and Vessels

In the spiritual world the soul is in a state of “coupling” with the Light. This is the merging of both parts of Creation—the feminine part and the masculine part—and it induces the most intense sensation of pleasure in reality: the filling of the soul with Light. The projection of the spiritual coupling in the corporeal world is physical coupling. This is also the reason why sex is considered the root of all desires in our world, and why we are so preoccupied with it...

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Intention Is the Deed

Intention is our only action; other actions are simply nonexistent. It is not only our mechanical actions—even our desires do not really exist. Everything is motionless, lifeless, standing still as if planted in the ground—all but the intent...

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Spiritual Waves

Our inner work is to fine-tune our hearts and senses to perceive the spiritual world...

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A World of Warmth

There are moments when feelings of excitement and elation suddenly envelop us. We feel that the world around us is imbued with a certain force, that the air has grown “thick,” filled with a new entity, that all around are thoughts and intentions directed toward us, that everything is filled with love...

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