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Michael Laitman, PhD

A World of Warmth

When the spiritual world is revealed
we discover a treasure, or more precisely, “a deposit,”
a new layer of reality
that has been in our “account” from the beginning


There are moments when feelings of excitement and elation suddenly envelop us.

We feel that the world around us is imbued with a certain force, that the air has grown “thick,” filled with a new entity, that all around are thoughts and intentions directed toward us, that everything is filled with love.

It seldom happens. But what is important is that in the end a distinct sensation will remain in the heart. This is the spiritual world, to the extent that we attain it.

The spiritual world is an eternal realm whose power is enormous. One who elevates even to the first, smallest spiritual degree experiences a spiritual sensation that is a billion times greater than anything previously known.

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