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Michael Laitman, PhD

Pleasures, Lights, and Vessels

Question: Why are people so drawn to sex?

In the spiritual world the soul is in a state of “coupling” with the Light. This is the merging of both parts of Creation—the feminine part and the masculine part—and it induces the most intense sensation of pleasure in reality: the filling of the soul with Light.

The projection of the spiritual coupling in the corporeal world is physical coupling. This is also the reason why sex is considered the root of all desires in our world, and why we are so preoccupied with it.

Sexual pleasure in our world exemplifies the difference between corporeal pleasure and spiritual pleasure. One may think about sex so much and anxiously anticipate the great pleasure, but at the climax, the very moment of release, the pleasure dissipates and almost instantly dissolves. And the race begins anew, in search of the next pleasure...

Why? Because the Light extinguishes the vessel, meaning a pleasure that directly satisfies a desire neutralizes the feeling of pleasure just like plus and minus.

So now what? Now we have doubled emptiness. This is why we are told, “One does not leave this world with half one’s desires in one’s hand.”

Spiritual pleasure works differently. To “be in spirituality” means to have a Masach (in Hebrew: “Screen”), the ability to receive Light inside the vessel with an aspiration to bring pleasure to the Creator, the Giver of the Light. To do that, we must acquire the Creator’s quality of love and bestowal.

What do we get out of it? Spiritual coupling, a never-ending coupling that intensifies in time, yielding a feeling of eternal life. Actually, subconsciously, from the depths of our souls, we aspire only for this coupling, as this is the purpose of our being.

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