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Michael Laitman, PhD

Why Is It So Important for Women to Be Beautiful?

Question: Why are women so preoccupied with their appearance? What is the root of the importance of a woman’s appearance in her own eyes and in the eyes of men?

Women’s tendency to adorn themselves stems from a very high root. In spirituality, to adorn oneself means to correct oneself in accord with the Creator, the force of love and bestowal.

This inclination is rooted deep within our souls. Within us exists the point in the heart, which awakens us to adorn our “ugly” egoistic nature, to beautify it.

Being beautiful means being like the Creator. A person becomes beautiful when the Light of the Creator shines in him.

So why do women adorn themselves? In our world, women represent Malchut (Hebrew: “Kingship”), the root of Creation. A man and a woman, or groom and bride, represent the relationship between the Creator and the creature—the creature being a woman, and the Creator being a man.

Thus, each of us, women and men alike, needs to learn to adorn the soul and become beautiful!

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