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The Method of Correction

Surrounding Light

Day by day, we approach the realization that as long as the ego continues its rule, the end of the world is nearing, and we must choose life and love. But without assistance, we will not be able to transcend our egos because this is how we were born. To do that, we need an outside force that does not exist in our world. For that purpose, we were given the method of correction—Kabbalah...

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A Request to Achieve Completeness

Nature, the Upper Force, the force of love and bestowal, exists in the bonding of all the parts of Creation—which He Himself created—and they exist in harmony and a totally reciprocal connection...

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From Evolution’s Steam Engine to Spirituality’s Jet Engine

Who can explain how an infant grows into an adult? Why do babies change from day to day? Science can describe what unfolds within matter, but it does not see the cause that exists outside of matter, driving it to develop...

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The Book of Zohar—Inlet to the Hidden World

The Book of Zohar is a river emerging from the Garden of Eden flowing through one’s heart...

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Acquaintance with Myself

The uniqueness of The Book of Zohar is in its ability to take any person who so desires, whomever he is and wherever he may be, and admit him into the spiritual world...

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Light of Hassadim (Mercy) In The Midst of a Sea of Light of Hochma (Wisdom)

We are in a fixed state called Ein Sof (Infinity). The Creator desires to fill us boundlessly, that we will understand and feel “from the end of the world to its end.” The problem is that we are obtuse. We lack the sense with which we can perceive the whole of reality...

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Endless Pleasure

The wisdom of Kabbalah deals with receiving all the abundance that is intended for us (in Hebrew, Kabbalah means “receiving”). It explains how to receive and transfer immense and eternal pleasure through ourselves...

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The Goal of Creation Is to Enjoy

Loving others is not the goal; it is the means. The goal of Creation is to enjoy! But to truly enjoy, “large vessels” are required, receptacles, great desires for pleasure, so they can be filled with abundance...

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