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Michael Laitman, PhD

The Book of Zohar—Inlet to the Hidden World

The Book of Zohar is a river
emerging from the Garden of Eden
flowing through one’s heart.

* * *

Without The Book of Zohar
we would not be able to focus on the inner, spiritual world.
We would always see the superficial picture,
the picture of the corporeal world,
the world of outcomes.


The most prominent book in the wisdom of Kabbalah is The Book of Zohar. It was written by a group of ten great Kabbalists, a group unparalleled in history.

They created a bridge of language, information, and feelings, forces, and lights between the way we understand and feel the revealed world, and our understanding of the hidden world.

When we study The Book of Zohar and try to experience the state that the Kabbalists are trying to convey to us, we are as wide-eyed babies opening our mouths and passionately absorbing our mothers’ words. We do not understand them, but we look at them and express our joy with movements.

From within us, from an unknown layer in our subconscious, a new space will begin to appear, a new world to which we will gradually become accustomed. Thus, that which was concealed will slowly become revealed.

Actually, TheZohar is not “studied,” it is revealed through our yearning, through our willingness to feel the hidden world.

It is for good reason that whenever Kabbalists write about The Book of Zohar they do not use the expression, The Book of Zohar, but only “The Book.”

In doing so, they show us that there is no other book in the world!

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