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Michael Laitman, PhD

The Goal of Creation Is to Enjoy

Question: I still do not understand what am I going to get out of loving others.

Loving others is not the goal; it is the means. The goal of Creation is to enjoy! But to truly enjoy, “large vessels” are required, receptacles, great desires for pleasure, so they can be filled with abundance.

I was born with a very small vessel, tiny. I eat a little, stop, and want no more. I run to another physical pleasure, enjoy it, and that is the end of it. I go to watch something and it’s over... I cannot receive any greater pleasure than what I receive now.

When I hear that the goal of Creation is to enjoy, what can I possibly imagine? To be served a 1000-pound steak? To be given such great pleasure that I will explode? My vessel cannot contain it. What can I do?

Those who have already been through this process explain that it is impossible to obtain more pleasure in the way my vessel currently obtains it. But if I expand it, I will be able to obtain more.

How do we expand the vessel? By acquiring external vessels. I receive and transfer endless pleasure through me to these external vessels.

Thus, love of others as we presently perceive it is a very confusing concept. There are no others here. There are only my vessels, which appear to me as external, so I can add them to me, thereby rising to the degree of the Creator.

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