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Emotions and States

Don’t Guess, Control Destiny!

A person does not know what will happen to him in a moment. It is difficult to accept this situation...

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The Desire that Switches On the Light

Darkness is lack of connection with others...

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Shame—the Engine of Development

To avoid feeling ashamed, we must constantly adapt to codes of behavior...

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Why Do We Feel Lonely

Loneliness exists so we may feel the need for true connection and bonding with all other people and with the Creator...

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Thoughts about Pain

Pain is the body’s reaction to various bodily disruptions. Pain warns of danger, forces us to take action—to move closer or farther, to find the cause of the pain, to draw conclusions and to move on to new states...

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The Light that Will Never Go Out

When we reach the middle of our lives, we start to dwindle, to gradually die out. But it is not our body that is dying; it is our desire fading and losing its strength to push forward...

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Towards True Fear

Whoever opens The Book of Zohar finds that the first correction we must carry out is to obtain true fear...

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Pride is the greatest and the ultimate state of the ego. We cannot swallow our pride because we feel that it eliminates us, revokes our uniqueness...

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The Thought Is the Servant of Desire

The Creator created a desire to receive, to enjoy, and nothing else. The greater desire to enjoy rules the smaller desire to enjoy. If so, what are thoughts, intellect? Thoughts help us shift from one desire to another, from one state to another, from a specific form of desire to a different form of desire...

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Forever Young

Kabbalah deals with the soul. This is the only organ that does not age. The more you engage in it, the younger you become!..

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