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Michael Laitman, PhD

Shame—the Engine of Development

To avoid feeling ashamed, we must constantly adapt to codes of behavior.

Everything we do in our world, other than providing for essentials, is driven only by our need to avoid embarrassment.

Why is it so? This stems from an ancient root, from the beginning of Creation, long preceding the formation of our world and everything in it.

The Creator (the desire to bestow) created the creature (the desire to receive) and filled it with light (pleasure). After the creature enjoyed the light, it realized that there was a higher element filling it with this light, and that caused it to feel shame. Shame is the first reaction of the creature to its sensation of the Creator; hence, it is the only thing that we must complement in order to equalize with the Creator.

That is also the reason why in our world, which is an outcome of the Upper World, the sensation of shame in all its forms governs our every action.

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