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Michael Laitman, PhD


Question: What do we do when couples turn their backs to each other and neither is able to reconcile?

Pride is the greatest and the ultimate state of the ego. We cannot swallow our pride because we feel that it eliminates us, revokes our uniqueness.

However, this can change if we instill a third element into the dual configuration. The third element is the Creator. In that regard, it has been said, “A man and a woman: if they merit, Divinity is between them. If they did not merit, fire consumes them.”

How is that done? We need not eliminate pride, ego, disagreements, and differences. Also, we need not try to understand each other and make peace. If we settle for these, it will merely be psychology, which will explode in our faces the next time around.

Instead, we create a triangle: You are different, in disagreement, and each carries his or her pride. But you have a mutual higher goal—the revelation of the Creator. And in that goal you can bond.

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